Search Process

Start-up Meeting

Once the search is activated, we initiate each search by meeting with you and other key personnel to obtain a clear understanding of the structure, needs and objectives of your organization, the "personal chemistry" of your people, industry position, and any other privileged information needed to facilitate our efforts.   


Following this discussion at the start-up meeting, we begin preparing an exact and detailed position description and candidate specifications for our use in dealing effectively with potential prospects.


The actual search entails careful and considerable research.  Our internal and external research resources direct us toward identifying qualified individuals in the departments where they work within the targeted organizations we are probing.

Prospect Identification

In conjunction with the research process, prospects surface through screening our files and contacting numerous experts as sources.  In dealing with people in the marketplace, we are actually an extension of the clients we represent and conduct ourselves as members of their management team.  Throughout the search process we are careful to maintain a discreet and confidential posture in representing the client.  The client is kept informed of progress and developments as they occur. 

Prospects Presented

After you approve the position descriptions and candidate specifications, we will present prospects whose backgrounds fit the specifications.  We will have qualified these prospects primarily by telephone interviews, preliminary reference checking and videoconferencing, and in our professional judgment they will have the background, technical skills and personal chemistry called for in the specifications. 

We conduct assessments and reference their experience, accomplishments, professionalism, capacity to handle the position, personal character, education and limitations (flat spots).  We conduct our assessments utilizing behavioral based interviewing surrounding the below listed competencies.  We can customize these depending upon our client's needs:

  • Leadership and management
  • Problem solving and decisiveness
  • Communication
  • Teamwork orientation and coaching
  • Change/adaptability
  • People skills
  • Creativity
  • Innovation

We use Psychological Associates, when deemed appropriate by our clients, to map their competencies into Psychological Associates' leadership assessment tools.

As soon as they are deemed qualified by Holohan Group, we will present these prospects to you electronically through personal profiles, detailed biographical backgrounds and compensation information.  Once you have reviewed the background information of these qualified prospects, you will determine which candidates you would like to interview, initially by telephone or videoconferencing and then on-site if appropriate. 

Leading Candidate Referencing

Before a formal offer is extended to the leading candidate, our firm, if necessary, will conduct any additional reference due diligence to assure the quality of our placements.  It focuses on the leading candidate's strengths and limitations, and any other information the client may request from professional references, primarily supervisors and subordinates.

Offer to Lead Candidate

Lastly, we offer counsel and strategies in the final negotiations and assist in motivating the leading candidate to accept the position.